Enterprise Resource Planning

In just a few short months since becoming an Odoo partner, we’ve been trusted by a wide range of businesses from retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers both big and small. That’s because we put your priorities first and ensure that your objectives are captured before we even write a line of code so that your business transformation is done the right way.

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Design (UI/UX)

By investing in client and customer interactions, we maintain being user-centric in our approach. Our designs are reflective of our client’s vision and a deep understanding of the user. At BaseUp Labs, we provide our clients with the perfect opportunity to communicate their products. We make time to understand our market and center on fostering connections with our audience.

Web Development

We empower business owners by crafting professionally designed websites. Using only the best digital solutions, our team of highly-skilled developers can create websites that are bound to get your audience hooked within seconds.

Mobile App Development

We are aware that mobile apps are now on par with websites when it comes to generating traffic and product visibility. Our team of capable engineers and designers work together with our clients to develop intuitive apps suitable for different mobile platforms. Combining vision, passion and design, we come up with products that are consistently reliable and visually enticing.

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